Who are we, what’s it all about, and why are we here?

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Who are we, what’s it all about, and why are we here?

The question that probably won’t and cannot be answered in this lifetime.

It is time to peel away all the layers of life; (opinions, judgments, fears, shoulds, family, media, and society) that have been graced upon us.

At the core, heart-center there is this natural substance called ‘YOU,’ one that needs to be rediscovered before we were brought forward into this life.

As we have traveled in this life; people, places, and experiences have layered our true nature with all types of energy.
Time to reclaim ourselves.

What we have become are layers of ‘this, that and the other,’ unbeknown to us; these layers creep in slowly over time covering up our authentic being, and we are not quite sure of what that is either. <sigh> From day one the layers started coming.

This life is happening for a reason no doubt. Why else are we here?Everyone has their theory.
Maybe it is a test to see how well we remain true to ourselves in the midst of all the chaos that accumulates over the course of our lives, or maybe not. Either way, we have gotten away from ourselves.

When we discover that these layers are suffocating, hurting, and, challenging us that is when we can start to peel away what doesn’t belong to us and get to the core of our ‘AmaZing AuThenTic’ self.

It’s a daily practice to stay true to ourselves. Fear and judgments are nasty controllers, especially when we worry about what other’s might think about us, and we do. We like to think we are different but are we really, at our core do we feel we are doing what is right for ourselves?
Or do we sell out to be accepted?
Only we know the truth to those questions.

Take notice, pay attention to what is going on around and within you. Be attentive to the inner layers of your being, for hidden under all those layers is your authentic self!

Starting today; let us open our consciousness to receive fresh downloads from our inner voice that speaks from the heart-mind.

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.” ~Unknown


It’s a New day!

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It’s a New day!

Here and now, that’s it, folks!!! Wake-up this present moment; the moment to embrace, not ‘yesterdays’ BS, not the ‘what-if’ tomorrow BS. Just this ‘moment.’ Isn’t that exciting? Of course, it is, you can re-birth, re-member whatever you want to fulfill for yourself in the here and now. You don’t have to let yesterdays actions, thoughts, etc., define you, and you certainly have no idea about tomorrow. Why not stay present and make those moments work for you.

The most import aspect of this life is how powerful you are and the things you can create. You are a bundle of energy just waiting to be directed by you.

Begin by being open to each immediate experience; that is where the juice is, that is the gas for your being.

Trust yourself. No matter which way life goes, it is all on you, and it is your experience alone. Kinda cool, when you think about how powerful you are.

Get creative, let your mind bring in all your possibilities, even if they seem far-fetched. Did you ever see the movie Rudy? Well, then you know anything is possible. He lived, he breathes, and he believed, in his desires, and it came true for him. The least likely guy to get a play in a football game.

Rudy had the power of believing in himself, the drive and the spirit to get him in the game. Rudy was driven by persistence and spunk, which inspired the team he was hanging around.

All the naysayers and negativity did not stop him from living what he wanted to happen. In fact, all the BIG football players fell in love with his determination, drive, and desire and wanted him to have an opportunity to be on the field.

According to Carl Rogers a Humanist Phycologist; the self is composed of concepts unique to ourselves. The self-concept includes three components:
“Self-worth (or self-esteem) – what we think about ourselves. Rogers believed feelings of self-worth developed in early childhood and were formed from the interaction of the child with the mother and father.

Self-image – How we see ourselves, which is vital to good psychological health. Self-image includes the influence of our body image on inner personality. At a simple level, we might perceive ourselves as a good or bad person, beautiful or ugly. Self-image affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves in the world.

Ideal self – This is the person who we would like to be. It consists of our goals and ambitions in life and is dynamic – i.e., forever changing. The ideal self in childhood is not the ideal self in our teens or late twenties etc.”
McLeod, S. A. (2014). Carl Rogers. Retrieved from simply psychology

I encourage you to stay present and when the past comes creepin in just say to yourself. I am not my past; I AM present. I know I can!

We can never be parted from the True Self. As we resolve to remove each block, reaching further and further into this higher consciousness, we let our hearts sing joyfully, for unto us this day is given our birth. We are born anew into the spiritual Light, into our own unfoldment.-John-Roger


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This NEW M🌑🌑N Solar ECLIPSE in Aquarius

Powerful day to plant seeds of change. This New Moon carries the energies of our karmic resolve, and it requires us to release people, circumstances, and attitudes that have been interfering with our evolution. It is time for a rebirth, restore, release and a shift in consciousness. Change is always on the horizon, so why not direct traffic. New M🌑🌑n opportunity is shining down on you!

I love when the New M🌑🌑n comes my way there is something about getting another chance to change things up. Writing out my desires wants and what needs to change is liberating and exciting. It is a practice I have been doing for decades. I have learned so much about myself by writing out my New Moon wishes. There is something about putting your deepest desires on paper that is powerful.

I encourage you if you haven’t already to start this New Moon practice; it is another way of getting to know YOU more on a deeper level.

Today say out loud; I AM I am a channel for change. Dolby Dharma

As you lift higher and higher, as you travel further and further through all the realms of your experience, you will know you are becoming the Master of your destiny and your life. So rejoice, because the knowledge is yours, and now you must manifest it, understand it, and know that you know.~John-Roger

Happy Hearts day!

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Happy Hearts day!

Valentine’s day is marked by sharing the love with others and remembering those you love. Let’s do it differently today and recognize, honor and celebrate yourself. No pressure, no expectations, no disappoint. Today is about YOU giving back to yourself, celebrating your wondrous, fabulous, loving self. Go out of your way for you today, do whatever you would do to celebrate this hallmark holiday for someone else, do it for YOU. Dolby Dharma

The mantra’ I am generous with the gift of myself.

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Heart’s Calling
give myself back to me
holding her in sweet gentleness
letting compassionate words
clothe her
in rest and rejuvenating
saying hush in the noise
healing in the breaking
breathing me back to life

give myself back to kindness
regardless what or who
tries to demand of me
not testing me with criticism
or guilt demanding gestures
effort becomes effortlessly
once I can hold the day
in waiting

give myself a place for me
not taking time and crunching
the minutes of constant doing
in my resting place, time pauses
to allow comfort to take me
away to grace and healing
what empties the soul
fills it with extraordinary love

give myself to my emotions
let them spill out of
like healing water
not hiding them under platitudes
or empty sayings
no fake smiles
it’s okay to cry awhile
reaching into allowing
yes allowing rest
to hold my weary
in my compassionate heart
letting it, all fall away
letting today be just today.
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist DelaWer Omar




Do you know what it is like to actively listen to another person’s POV?

Do you understand how liberating it is to listen to someone talk about a subject that rubs you the wrong way, and not feel the need to react?

We all have our realities, our beliefs, and ways of doing things and that is great. It is healthy to have a good sense of self, a perspective, an idea, and opinions; that is living YOUR authentic life.

Self-respect, self-love, self-esteem and just sense of self, is listening to another’s perspective and not flying off the handle or feeling the need to sway them to your POV or prove them wrong.

Most of the time we don’t see things as they are, but as we are or want them to be.

We look at situations, events, and interpret what other people say and do, according to past experiences, and core belief system which is formed and influenced by; current values, circumstances, faith, culture, and how we were brought up. All of these variables contribute and shape our beliefs about ourselves, others and how we perceive the world. Let’s not forget personality, character traits, including genetic influences. We are envolving humans working on living our own dream.

Arguments and wars are created out of fear, not listening, and misinterpretations, etc.

It is a real art to be able just to listen to another without having to add anything; except for allowing them their perspective, idea, opinion, and way of living.

It is a practice to listen more because we all have something to say and we want to be heard and acknowledged.

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Give this a whirl; when engaged in conversations and you feel like you don’t agree or even if you do, just listen. When you allow different perspectives it reduces stress levels, you feel more confident, and it helps you to have more understanding and empathy for another as well as yourself.

This active listening skill improves your relationships all the way around; it is inviting, and an open invitation to allowing everyone their POV.

Even if we agree to disagree, That is freedom. We get what we give most of the time.

‘Allowing’ is one of the many aspects of what self-love is rooted in.

In a rapidly ascending balloon were two men.
One watched the earth getting farther and farther away.
One watched the stars getting nearer and nearer.
~George Jean Nathan, “Viewpoint,”

Just say “Thank-You.”

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Just say “Thank-You.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually be brave enough to say thank-you to those you felt hurt you in some way?

It really is a blessing in disguise these disappointments, betrayals, rudeness, jealousy, etc. It’s how we grow, it is the action of life working FOR you and not happening TO you.

Like a great cup of tea, it must seep a bit before we can taste the benefits. Relationships are much like a cup of tea.

I have been sucker punched by people I love, and I am sure they felt knocked by me too. But in the end, does it really matter who did what? NO…What matters is what YOU know to be true for YOU.

Most people feel ‘justified’ in their behaviors. Not everyone gets that their actions are harmful, hurtful or destructive; because of some deep wound, deep unknowing, a deep desire that is driving their feelings, and of course some peeps are just living in total chaos within and don’t know it because of some ‘victim mentality.’

Whatever the reason is; the practice is to say, “thank-you.”
Because of what you saw as injustice was actually a gift from the Divine. How else did you get to be so extraordinaire?

Everyone is working for everyone in some capacity if you are open to seeing, feeling and hearing YOUR truth within. In other words, just owning and understanding your own shit works.

The next time you feel fucked over; Smile and say, I got this, grab yourself a cup of tea, and after all that seeps in smile within and say “Thank-you.”

Remember we teach people how to treat us and when we vibe on the high other’s will be thanking you too! Dolby Dharma

Mantra; I sail through life on the calm, on the high vibe and in the nurturing wave of growth. I am at peace with myself and with everyone around me no matter what the conditions are.~ Dolby Dharma

Meeting Ourselves…

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Meeting Ourselves…

How often do we think about meeting ourselves?
I would say we are more preoccupied with who or what we are going to encounter throughout the day.

It takes awareness and practice to observe our lives from a higher perspective; to reflect on our inner light, that energy center where we meet ourselves, know our truth and highest potential.

The only way to increase and develop a consistent appreciation of your beauty, confidences, self-esteem is by becoming aware, going within and tapping into the light of your soul purpose to love and honor the wholeness that you were born to be.

You deserve a break each day; take time for personal reflection and see YOUR life from a higher perspective, without judgments or opinions.

It only takes a moment to acknowledge yourself for all that you are. Once you tap into your light, you light the way for yourself and others.

The mantra; My inner-light is vibrant, luminous and alive.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton

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